Visakhapatnam | 11 Nov, 2021 (1 year, 6 months ago)

Criminal Law

my GF kept rape case u/s 376 IPC

In 2019 I loved a girl, Both loved each other we had physical relation too.In 2020, but due to some mis understanding she left me and roamed,slept,become pregnant and done abortion also with another guy.From that day she used to blak mail me I gave around 2 lakhs to be calm. In Oct 2021,She asked me for an Iphone ,I denied she kept FIR on 27/10/2021 (Sec 376,417 of IPC).but i never raped her. She has targeted to remove my job. I dont have much proofs of recording and photos.In FIR also she wrote her friend names as proofs of love. She has full police support. I have some WhatsApp chats/Photos of her and her BFs,But police is not listening at all.Police is telling me I will be bind the bars if I have anything to say plz speak in court. police are searching for me to arrest ,I kept a lawyer I gave the fee also now lawyer is saying its difficult to get anticipatory bail for sec 376. Now what to do????I dont want to loose my job. Tell me the procedure for proving a rape case in court

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