New Delhi | 30 Oct, 2022 (7 months, 1 week ago)

Criminal Law

My current account is freezed and marked lien by crime branch

As i have a wealth current account with icici bank my daily withdrawal limit is 4lacs. My gym owner asked for a help he said he is transferring 3lakh rupees from his wife's account as he needed cash because he was shifting his gym and his debit card has a limit for 25k only so he said hand over me the card ill transfer and withdraw my money from atm as he was shifting his gym so require cash for gym machines and shifting. As i know him for past 6 months i agreed to help and then he made multiple transaction from his wife's account to my wealth account and withdraw money from atm and handed over my card to me. Now after 2 months my account got freezed and reason listed was blocked by CRIME BRANCH. I asked him he said his wife's account is also freezed and he transferred money to my account so my account also got blocked. What can i do now to active my account and avoid any legal trouble. I dont know where his wife got money from and he transferred me from his wife's account to me just as a help i helped him.
31 Oct, 2022 | 16:13

The amount you got transferred from some other person's account could have accrued through criminal activities but still the authorities and banks can't freeze it without intimation to bank account holder.

For more details and clarifications, you may reach out at or 9818566928.

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