Hyderabad | 14 Dec, 2021 (1 year, 5 months ago)

Criminal Law

My cheif and examinatio Iam the one of the witness I want to file recall petion

I got married in 2011 we are in good living relation till September 2016. September 30th, 2016 my wife was missing from my home, she took gold my cash 2 lakhs and left the house, she wrote a letter saying that I and my family members torture her and she is leaving the house, In an inquiry, we came to know that she eloped with a guy they came back again after one and half month (Nov 24th, 2016). Police filed a kidnap and secret marriage case on him, as per her statement. He went to jail and after that, both got married, In Sep 2018 the court called me and recorded a statement in chief and I was crossed with the accused lawyer. I want to file a recall petition as I want to say a few things to the magistrate and also I want to file a defamation suit against them.
15 Dec, 2021 | 13:57

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