Saiha | 18 Jun, 2021 (1 year, 7 months ago)

Criminal Law


I'm a Government School teacher from Mizoram. My neighbour's vehicle was caught on fire at night. Therefore, I was detained by an investigating officer due to the statements made by the neighbour. Stating that I was the suspect as my wife previously submitted complaints to the Vehicle Authority regarding their then burnt vehicle (Maxi Cab) servicing in the route that was not permitted by the Government. The reason why my wife made a complaint was that her Maxi Cab's route, which was officially permitted was illegally shared by our neighbour's Maxi Cab, resulting it to a decline in finding passengers, and therefore effects her business. For the said reasons, my neighbour was not happy. Having that in mind, taking the caught on fire vehicle incident as an advantage, he purposefully submitted an FIR stating my name for a revenge. I was detained in a smelly lock up and harrassed with corporal punishments by the police, without any evidence nor I being actually involved in this incident at all. Being a respectful teacher, I feel this incident led to a bad reputation in my community. And the pain in my heart never ceased to heal anymore. Therefore,I'd le to make a defamation case.
18 Jun, 2021 | 06:49

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