Midnapore | 20 Nov, 2022 (2 months, 2 weeks ago)

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Medical negligence by a diagnostic center , Radiologist and Doctor

My daughter born with a birth defect deceased (myelomeningocele) on 17.06.2022. during pregnancy time as per advice of doctor all required test i.e USG, anamoli scan were done by a diagnostic center. But due to their lack of negligence they were unable to diagnosis this deceased they declared Spine is Normal. And my daughter operated in Chennai Apollo Hospital on 08.12.21 now is suffering from various medical problems. As per doctor opinion she is suffering for lifelong disability. If the diagnostic center diagnosis this abnormality of Spine that time her mother gave normal baby after doing a fetal surgery during the pregnancy or Parents may take otherwise as per low. Now what are the proper legal should be taken against Diagnostic Centre, Radiologist and Doctor?
01 Dec, 2022 | 15:34

For appropriate legal advice, I need some details and clarifications.
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Adv. Akshay Lal
Taarkik Legal - Advocates & Consultants

21 Nov, 2022 | 08:52

Respected sir
Good morning
As per your submission it reveals that this is a matter of medical negligence
Give me details information about the matter then we will discuss your case
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