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My bro got married in ,2015 and after 3 months the wife left as she was not ready for any physical relation called her mom and left our housenpost which we filed divorse and she in return filed dv in 2016 , we got an order of interim maintaiñence of 5k monthly post which we filed for revision so the maintanence got revised to 4k tilldnatebwe have paid only 30k as in 2019 brother lost his job and due corona he could not get job till date and neither from lockdown 2020 he attended the court as he is now finanically nil with no saving or any property on him ,mother expired due to covid in may 21 and now dad is there to look after but the expenses is now borne by sister who is maarried and takign care of brother and father The case is in evidnece stage since 2018 .the questin is since he is not finacially nil is not able to pay maintaince the wife demanding 7 lacs to get the case close and give divorce ,.but he doesn't have any property on his own neither has any bank balance in such sceniario what will happen ,what he should do it not attending case as no money to travel or hire lawyer the case is in sangli and brother stays in mumbai . What can court order if she does ex parte
06 Dec, 2021 | 21:15

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Asker 06 Dec, 2021 | 21:30

What time should I call

06 Dec, 2021 | 06:30

Dear client Namaskar saheb
As per your submission it reveals that this is a matter of divorce and Domestic violence Act
As per settled principal of law wife can claim maintenance when she is unable to maintain herself and husband has sufficient means to maintain his wife and ignoring to maintain
You can take all the defence before JMFC court even you can try for settlement
For details discussion please email me on
Advocate IRFAN SHAIKH Maharashtra

Asker 06 Dec, 2021 | 06:34

Thank you sir but bro is not working from.past 3 years and it's me taking care of the expenses in such scenario how to deal the case

05 Dec, 2021 | 19:47

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