Bengaluru | 07 Jun, 2021 (1 year, 8 months ago)

Criminal Law


Hi I saw a post on FB telling that he is selling dogs for 12k. He first told me that I will only have to pay an advance of only 2k but he somehow managed to take 19k from me for vaccination,travel etc He is still asking for money for various reasons and I don't feel like sending him more money because I feel it's a scam for sure. And now he is threating me that if I don't pay him the money he will not refund the money nor give me the puppy. Could you please provide your advice on the same. Thanks in advance.
07 Jun, 2021 | 16:49

as a lawyer I would suggest you to whatsapp me on 9013429126 with all secreen shots of the details of the interaction that you had with him for me to advice you correctly and if required also send him legal notice and take appropriate legal proceeding against him. Meanwhile ask him to give you the puppy and keep insisting on it for record and his replies will be evidence for us. DO NOT PAY A FARTHING MORE.

07 Jun, 2021 | 15:19


If you have the necessary communications as proof you can send a legal notice to that person for either refunding your money or sending you the dog within 10 days.


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