Belagavi | 25 Oct, 2022 (7 months, 1 week ago)

Criminal Law


Hi sir I am prasad and I am a law student I am asking my sister's domestic violation case she is getting lot of trouble from his husband and there family and she just 22 year old and she had a baby girl now days her husband is staying and serving his service in Assam and he lived her in his home with his family in Karnataka and they are also giving trouble to her now they don't want any more her but she need her husband she doesn't live her husband we are also don't want to break her marriage please give us any solution, thank you, Prasad
26 Oct, 2022 | 10:16

Dear Prasad,

After perusing your issue, i can see that its a matrimonial issue with your sister. I can help you out in with legal recourse to undertake. You may get in touch with me on for further discussion in your matter.

Akshay Lal
Consulting Partner
Taarkik Legal Law Firm


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