Mangalore | 08 Jul, 2021 (1 year, 2 months ago)

Criminal Law

I was cheated by my cousin

Few months ago a cousin of mine asked me to help him by lending money, saying that he was in a problem and he promised to return the money by the time I said. Since I am knowing him from my childhood I trusted him and not denied to give the money. As he promised he returned my money back. After that everytime he asks for money I was not denying him, since he was so trustful. As the days passed he started to ask for the larger amount, at the beginning I denied him later he convinced me by saying it's very urgent and he promised that he will return the money at right time. By looking at the past transactions I agreed to him and managed to arrange money from my contacts and gave to himSomedays later, again he asked to arrange the money and this time he told me that he will commit suicide if the money is not arranged, I got panicked and I was forced to arrange the money. After that he kept on doing the samething every time and he used to blackmail me by saying to arrange the amount for the last time and he will clear all my pending amounts if the amount is arranged. I have all the records of chats calls and transaction, he is not responding to my calls or messages now.

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