Mumbai | 15 Jun, 2021 (1 year, 9 months ago)

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I want compensation for serious leg injury caused by a former friend

Location Mumbai Suburban. Date of happening of incident 20th April 2021 Details are as follows: My friend D was driving my friend P's un car. I and other friend Y were sitting behind. P, was sitting beside D. When we reached below my building, I was getting out of the car after opening the door. In the meanwhile, D took the car forward and my left foot came under the tyre, directly injuring my ankle, heel and achilles tendon. He did it purposely and was laughing after this happened and I started limping and got inside car again to see if it was a heavy damage to my foot. Indeed I was severely hurt and foot was swollen. But since D was a friend, I didn't file any complaint and got myself treated in next 3 days with my money. After 20 days, I told D that the treatment didn't work and now I want a proper treatment through an orthopedic doctor. D refused full treatment. He paid only 2860 against proper bills. I am not cured even after 54 days. Kindly give an opinion of how can I claim compensation from Insurance company or the culprit D for pain, serious physical injury, emotional suffering.
15 Jun, 2021 | 18:35


1st you have to make a police complaint then things can move ahead for getting you compensation

Adv Shailendra Dubey

15 Jun, 2021 | 13:11

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