Kolkata | 25 Oct, 2022 (4 months, 4 weeks ago)

Criminal Law

Human Rights, Forced Confinement, Forced Signature, Forced Nudity

Respected Sir/Madam I am a 28 year old resident of Kolkata.My parents put me in a rehabilitation center against my will by calling the center and making arrangements , on the 8th of March 2021, 5-6 men came to house and DRAGGED me from there,SHOVED me in an ambulance and drove me to the rehab.There I was asked asked to sign a consent form and upon refusing , two individuals including a counsellor of the rehab GRABBED my hand and took a thumb impression..While in the rehab I was forced to be BATHED FULLY NAKED by ANOTHER INMATE as I being a 28 year old was deemed incompetent to take proper baths by authorities . The counsellors and my parents decided how long I would stay I HAD NO SAY WHATSOEVER. My question is .. how do I go about filing the lawsuit.
25 Oct, 2022 | 12:25


Your case description seems very alarming. Its infringement upon your Right to life & Right to live with dignity. You must approach your State Legal Aid authorities and immediately file writ before Hon'ble Calcutta High Court. Further i believe you are of sound mind hence its a great injustice upon your life. You may approach me on advakshaylal@gmail.com for further legal aid & guidance, will be willing to help you out pro bono.

Akshay Lal
Consulting Partner
Taarkik Legal Law Firm


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