New Delhi | 02 Aug, 2021 (1 year, 6 months ago)

Criminal Law

How to safeguard against a woman habitual of filing fake rape FIR

Hi, We have a woman in our neighbourhood who has been (left by her husband - ongoing legal case) living with her parents. She recently has started using her minor female girl child as a resource to file fake FIRs against multiple people in our neighbourhood. She has filed ~4 FIR in the past 2 years against multiple peoples including the pradhan (ages ~50), a minor boy (class 11th), a labourer. In case of the boy, police was able to settle the case but on the other 2 occasions , police made arrests. The woman is a constant thread looming in our neighbourhood for the innocent folks. Is there a way which which we collectively (involving multiple persons from neighbourhood) can do something to prevent this cycle of fake mischevious FIRs? I have already moved out from the area. i don't want anyone from my neignbourhood to suffer 10-20 years in jail on fake charges.
02 Aug, 2021 | 18:33

You can inform to the police department


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