Nawada | 03 Jun, 2021 (1 year, 8 months ago)

Criminal Law

How much ft. pedestrian I should to back plot? What to do he is forcing?

I am from Bihar, In my ancestor property I got the front part and my other partner got the back part of wrt road. now he is building a house and asking for land for pedestrians we said we will give 5 to 6 ft. as per law. He is saying he wants 10ft. and now he has blocked our pedestrian by putting 3 tractors of sand on way (this land where he put sand belongs to Bihar gov). He is also threatening to shoot us, he is the ex-army driver and said he have gun he will shoot at us. Before also he came with rod and damaged boundary when we called police he went PS complaint on us to threaten him. I and my father work in another state and we can't afford to lose this work because our whole livelihood runs on this. A few days back panch of the village said to give 5ft we aggred but he is still rigid on his 10ft.

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