Coimbatore | 19 Jun, 2022 (11 months, 2 weeks ago)

Criminal Law

Girlfriend cheating and threatening

I am a 29 year old Man and my girlfriend is 25. We were in relationship for 15 months. I have spent more than 8 lakhs for her as cash and valuables. We were in physical relationship till before 20 days. But now she broked up with me and want to complaint against me that I have used her for physical relationship alone. But I'm still willing to marry her. She had recorded a conversation between my friend, herself and myself and want to show it as a proof that I was disloyal to her. But I still love her and want to marry her. Can I be a victim if she lodge complaint against me?
24 Jun, 2022 | 19:08

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Komal Tyagi Advocate
Criminal & Civil Lawyer

Founder- Justice In You

20 Jun, 2022 | 14:34

file police complaint against her for extortion under section 384 of IPC
it was consensual sex with no promise of marriage
you broke up with her as she was sleeping with other guys too
dont bow down to black mail tactics
if false rape case is filed apply for and obtain AB from sessions court

19 Jun, 2022 | 17:36

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Shubham Pabbi & Associates

19 Jun, 2022 | 06:57

Dear client
As per your submission it reveals that this is a matter of threat and cheating
Give me details information about the matter then we will discuss your case
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