Asansol | 08 Jan, 2022 (1 year, 1 month ago)

Criminal Law

Getting blackmailed from so called police and escort agency

What to do? 2 days before I read somewhere that how call girls were forced into the prostitute business. So I decided to help a few of them to come out of that situation. Because I have a tendency to can’t see girls getting hurt if I know the reason. So yesterday I searched many agent services and asked them for girl images. I wanted to help the smaller girls under 20. Many sent me the images. So when one started asking me forcefully for an advance then I blocked that number. Then from another number he messaged me and said I have sent your number and image to the police station so I got scared and I paid him 2000 rs. In the evening one guy called me and said he is police and an FIR has been registered against me by a girl. Then he said that since u are a student I will leave u with a warning but u will have to pay 3000 rs. And then asked for another 3000 rs . I arranged and sent it. Now the girl who complaint asked me for 4000 rs since the police asked her for that amount. . So I arranged 3000 rs and sent her. Now police is asking for another 2000 rs. Go to the link for detail:
08 Jan, 2022 | 08:37

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