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I used to work in a beer shop as a accountant my work was to noted down sale and purchase of a stock in a file report. Owner and his son was gone for a marriage of his son out of town for a 15 days. So we both counted the stock before he handed the shop keys to me. But after 15 days he suffer from. COVID19 so time got extended more 15 days. Total 30 days. After he retun to shop i handed him a keys. But he don't count the stock after returning i told him to cross check but he was its difficult to count leave it i trust you .and after 3 months he is telling me that u had made a fraud of 3 lakh 50 thousand (3,50,000) Rs. Now he is forcing me to work in his Shop at salary of 11000rs month. Which he dont give me. Or he will do case on me. From past 4 month he is black mailing me. I need a help i am from a middle class family don't. Know what to do. He is having good contact with police. I have heard that he has done same thing with past employees . So he will dont need to give them a salary .

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