Hyderabad | 23 Aug, 2021 (1 year, 9 months ago)

Criminal Law

Fake Relieving Letter / Forced Employment Bond - Holding Me Hostage For The Crim

Im working in a company for 4 years, last year due to some reasons i have created a fake relieving letter of my company and joined a new company but caught in between and new company terminated Old company which i have created fake relieving letter rejoined me on few terms again with them. 1. Employment Agreement to stay with them for 3 year on company letter head without any stamps or notary on it in case if i leave they will raise the legal case on me for Creating fake reliving letter of there company. 2. Taken an apology letter on white paper In 3 years already 1 year is completed and Now i want to comeout of the company due to work pressure and abusive words from management. Its making me depressed, and i have commited suicide attempt due to this. I tired negotiate but they are not willing to send me, they are saying we will not let you go so easily, if you go we will ruin ur career with forgering company fake reliving letter case on you, we will make sure you will not get any job under criminal case, no company will hire you after this criminal background case. Please suggest me if they file case do i have any chance to defend myself

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