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education loan issue

Hello Sir/Madam, In 2017 I took 5lakh+ education loan ( Vidyasagar Canara bank) to join Merchant navy course in Hyderabad but I could not complete the curse and had to dropout as I was diagnosed with HBV ( Hepatitis B Virus) due to which I came out of college and went under treatment for and did not even bother about college as my full on was to reduce the virus and get to normal living and parents also did not allow me to go there and take course again though I had the chance resume . Likewise the days went and Corona also affected in middle but now bank is asking for study documents , marks sheets and all but i did not inform about my health or as i had to discontinue the studies in middle and all to Canara Bank . Now they are asking to submit the documents or we will ask you to clear the loan and all I'm very much afraid as I do not have the money to repay nor i have any documents other than the receipt which shows that i paid fees . Kindly suggest me what I can do in this case as I'm very much afraid and also I can not disclose about my health issues with anyother one even doctor suggested not to disclose your condition with anyone. Please , help me with this
19 Nov, 2021 | 09:05

Give me details information about the matter then we will discuss your case
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