New Delhi | 01 May, 2021 (2 years, 1 month ago)

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Cheque bonus

Against loan post dated cheque which was return unpaid there after ihave send legal notice through advocate which was received by the accused annow he is saying I will give application to police can ifill case u/s138 incourt
02 May, 2021 | 08:36

In any case under Section 138 NIA 1881, time if of essence and therefore you have to very cautious about not being lax with it. With all due respect for the advocate who is looking after your case I want to tell you that no application to the police is a pre-requisite for filing a case under 138 but since I do not know what made your advocate do that I am not in a proper situation to comment on his advice. If you want to change advocate and need my service I can help you file the case and recover the money. 9013429126

01 May, 2021 | 17:59

Legal notice is sufficient to proceed with 138 NI cheque bounce case, you need to be fast as deadlined and limitations are very short in cheque bounce natters, take further legal advice from any advocate, I am a High-court level Law-Practitioner based in Maharashtra, India, I try to empower people by helping them know about their legal rights as much as much as for free-under my capacity, if you did happen to like my answer you may procced to get the the Strong Legal Notice served on accused at a highly economic fee possible, feel free to reach me out for further advise at; +91 7020479749
Have a lovely day.

__Adv. Yogesh Tahiliani


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