Hassan | 20 May, 2021 (1 year, 8 months ago)

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Car mechanic cheated me by fixing duplicate car spare parts. How can i sue him

My car met with an accident and some internal spare parts of car was damaged and mechanic suggested to fix new spares so i left my car in garage in Hassan, karnataka. He almost took 10-15days to get repair and he fixed all fake spares And he had given original spare parts bill he almost charged me 30-40k. After taking back some again I felt some problem In my car then I approached for another garage there he did a car lift to check the problem then mechanic had confirmed that the spares fixed by previous mechanic are duplicate means it is not new spares then I called and asked old mechanic but he is not ready to accept his mistake. How can i sue him and what are the requirements to prove him guilty please help me sir
20 May, 2021 | 13:08


You can approach the police and register a complaint of cheating against him. If the mechanic is a part of a well to do service centre which is of corporate nature, then you can send a legal notice to the proprietor as well.

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20 May, 2021 | 07:52

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