Kolkata | 05 Jun, 2021 (2 years ago)

Criminal Law

Can my mother lodge FIR while civil suit pending in the court

My mother filed Civil suit against my maternal uncles for her share from Grandmother property before lockdown. My Grandmother received 8 cotta land from Govt of West Bengal after partition. My maternal. Uncles made a deed by the help of Rehabilitation Department ( WB) in their name & deprive to my mother from that property. Also my maternal uncles doing construction on that property. We filed RTI against Rehabilitation Department & as oer their reply we are not satisfy & we are going to file writ petition after lockdown. Now my maternal uncles trying to enter in the construction building. So my question is can my mother lodge FIR against my maternal uncles where Civil suit pending? If yes what would be the sections? When it is better time to lodge FIR?

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