Chennai | 20 Aug, 2021 (1 year, 1 month ago)

Criminal Law

can i cell phone record a female neighbor if she is peeping into my room

my female neighbor is a nuisance.sveral times i have seen her staring directly in the direction of my bedroom/bathroom from her balcony across the time i suspect she is doing that again,can i record her using my cell phone for evidence purpose?last week when i came to my balcony she came out at the same time on her balcony across from my bedroom and then started trying to engage me in conversation by saying what i am looking at.Then she sent a police who is her friend/relative to my home and the police was completely talking to me as though i am guilty even though there is no clear compliant or for that matter evidence of complaint.he said he authorized my neighbor to point her cctv camera at my balcony .Does this friend/relative police have any right to give my neighbor permission to point cctv at my balcon 24/7.I have taken cell phone video of the neighbor cctv pointing directly at my bedroom balcony as proof.they also keep changing the exact pointing location of their cctv depending on their mood but in general it seems to be pointing at some porting of my bedroom balcony most of the day and night.IN PERSON also she stares at my balcony from her balcony.

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