Guwahati | 21 Sep, 2022 (8 months, 2 weeks ago)

Criminal Law


I have a plot of ancestral land , with a three stores building over it. The house was built by my father.But currently mother is the absolute owner of the land cum house in a non agricultural commercial location in Rajgarh Road,Guwahati,Assam. Two years back as the original patta copy was lost, mother being 70 years and staying alone in that house, gave one rent person to bring the duplicate copy of the patta. But the rent person fraudunetly transferred the entire land of 24lechas to his name with fake namjari, where registration date,mandal name is absent dividing it into three parts 13lechhas+8lechas+3lechas=24lechas.Few days ago my mother came to about it when a person from the Guwhati DC court informed about the same. Interestingly mother did not get any sales deed copies for three namjaris, no namjari details copy and no NOC copy from DC . Everything is kept sealed by that rent person only.Now, the above information about the three fake namjaris was obtained from the online site: "Dharitree". I also work in Mumbai and occasionally come to Guwhati.But mother never told about these matters as she is not aware of this as she has not received any letter.

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