New Delhi | 13 Jun, 2022 (11 months, 3 weeks ago)

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A girl has cheated me on love and played with my heart emotionally?

10 months ago My Bhabhi's sister has proposed me on phone call to marry her. I accepted her proposal on condition that if she would not leave me in future. We used to talk 2 hours a day on phone and she played with my heart emotionally for 10 months. But When our love story came in front of our family, she told a lie to everyone that I had proposed her, she hadn't. And she said that she didn't want to marry me. After listening that i didn't eat properly for many days even I was going to suicide but my family stopped me to do. And I want "justice" when she didn't want to marry me then why she proposed me to marry her and played with my heart?
24 Jun, 2022 | 18:16

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Komal Tyagi Advocate
Criminal & Civil Lawyer

Founder- Justice In You

14 Jun, 2022 | 13:53

What sort of "justice" do you want?
Law cannot do much for people who are oversensitive.

14 Jun, 2022 | 05:50

Give me details information about the matter then we will discuss your case
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