Hyderabad | 07 Jul, 2017 (3 years ago)

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Startup website wants to partner with an already established company

My friends and I (3 of us) started a website about 8 month ago. In order to complete our site, we need to integrate/work with a third party company. The following is a silly illustration/mock of our idea: We created a website that matches candidates to shelter pets through a survey. Instead of creating the survey ourselves, we want to work with an already established/credible survey company. The goal is to incorporate their questions into our website so that the user can be matched to the best pet. Note: the website in functions independently from the third party company. Before we approach this third party survey company, we'd like to know what legal 'things' we need. For example, we're not an LLC yet. Should we incorporate before trying to contract/partner with other companies? Should we have contracts set up before meeting with the survey company for the first time? Or are we overthinking this part of the plan and should just connect with the survey company first before seeking legal advice? Thanks!

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