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i have one question paper on commercial contract drafting i want to solve this

Zacrosoft Pvt. Ltd. (Zacrosoft) an Indian company registered in Pune, is in the process of acquiring a software from a startup company VLX Pvt. Ltd. (VLX). Zacrosoft is very interested in the software and VLX has agreed to sell it to Zacrosoft for a sum of 80 crores. However, Zacrosoft came to know that there is a dispute that is ongoing with respect to the copyright of the software. Apparently, a bunch of “techies” claim that the software was infact their brainchild. VLX has assured Zacrosoft that this was pure fabrication and that they infact own the copyright of the software. The official records reflect that VLX has the true copyright of the software. Zacrosoft decides to buy the software but remains worried about the possibility of a legal trouble that may arise in future. VLX has agreed to provide indemnity to Zacrosoft, in principle. However, there is no agreement as to the nature and extent of indemnity. Further, to assist and advertise the launch of the software on their platform Zacrosoft has hired a marketing firm Savoir Design Pvt. Ltd. (Savoir), a marketing firm based in Paris. Zacrosoft is a bit worried about the negative publicity that could be caused by the “techi

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