Madurai | 17 Oct, 2020 (4 days, 10 hours ago)

Civil Law

Shall I get divorce from my wife under cruelty ?

Hi I married 2017.we got a girl child now she is 1.5yrs.from the date of marriage my wife did not stayed with my parents. Also I have constructed one house in my home town where my parents are staying now.i am working in different city in a rented house where I brought my wife.but she is troubling me to get out of my parents due to house is in my name.also she is very adamant and loud character she is fighting and left me for small issues very often..she came back only lot of compromises and adjustments from my side.out of 3yrs of marriage she stayed with me with installments only with 5months gap .her father is police officer so he is threatening and abusing us with harsh bad words and threatens to file false dowry harassment cases against me and my family...she also gave dowry case which is proven intercourse continuously for 2yrs...she is not living with me also she is not giving me divorce so now I filed contested divorce under cruelty...shall i get divorce? many years it will take ?...also I am govt employee how to safeguard me and parents from false accusations of my wife ?....I am earning 40k gross monthly and 30k net salary after loan deductions.

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