31st March, 2020 (6 hours, 40 minutes ago)
Company Compliances/Filings
I am not giving the amount that I was going to get from the company.

I worked with a company 2 years ago. With which I had to take ₹ 11000 from him, he said, I will give it, he also gave me the check which was bounced. My conversation has been with him since 2 years. But he is saying t…

31st March, 2020 (13 hours, 48 minutes ago)
Can I appear for higher education again and do NEET

I have completed my Higher education in Tamil Nadu state board and going to complete my engineering in 2020. I completed higher secondary by taking Physics, Chemistry, Math and Computer Science as my core subjects. And …

29th March, 2020 (2 days, 5 hours ago)
Criminal Law
Committal to Sessions getting too late

Hello, My case was disposed and sent for sessions from local magistrate in 2018 Oct. Till now my case wasn't numbered in sessions court. Please help me it's been almost 5 months till it wasn't happen. Suggest me to find…

19th March, 2020 (1 week, 5 days ago)
Business Registration
registration and further process in a startup.

i want to register my startup. and further if any investor want to invest in my startup then what will be the legal process.and so on.

06th March, 2020 (3 weeks, 4 days ago)
Startup Funding and Finances
debt based crowd funding

I m working on debt based crowdfunding and wanted to know if I can start a company with out the approval of NBFC. Else are there any considerations for startups so I can do it in less amounts 2 crore as a deposit is too…

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