13th July, 2020 (1 day, 3 hours ago)
Family Law
Marriage Certificate in Cuttack after traditional marriage. How to apply.

How to apply for Marriage Certificate in Cuttack after performance of Traditional Marriage. Process and procedure of Marriage certificate in Cuttack. Documents required for Marriage Certificate in Cuttack. Under Hind…

12th July, 2020 (2 days, 21 hours ago)
Family Law
divorce summon notice

Hi All, I am residing in North Delhi and my husband sent me a divorce summon notice today when I was alone in my house. He went for work and didn’t came back after I received the notice through phone. I have not receive…

11th July, 2020 (3 days, 5 hours ago)
Business / Company Registration & Winding Up

I have a wholesale medicine business.. At the time of year ending I have to may remaining amount to distributor for purchasing item and I get my remaining payment money from retailer shop for selling them.. There is a …

10th July, 2020 (4 days, 19 hours ago)
Criminal Law
Removal of quashed case from online sites

Quashed case in high court years back, the result shows up on google as certain websites are publishing the case content. They refuse to take it down citing an order needs to be obtained for removal. Any such order can …

09th July, 2020 (5 days, 17 hours ago)
Family Law
Court Marriage in Cuttack - Documents required, process, procedure

Court Marriage in Cuttack. Court Marriage in Cuttack - Documents required for Court Marriage in Cuttack. Procedure and process of Court Marriage in Cuttack. Witnesses required for Court Marriage.

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