19th September, 2020 (2 days, 8 hours ago)
I wud like 2 tell the family of a person- the truth abt him ?Can I do it legally

Someone carefully planned fooling me for money and other benefits. I found out abt it after 2+ yrs - that it was all planned. I want to tell a few people - his family and one other family abt this so that they know what…

17th September, 2020 (4 days, 7 hours ago)
Dispute Resolution (ADR)
HDFC bank is not refunding the excessive amount paid Credit card which is close

Hi Team, This is Krishna and in march 2020 I paid all the amount due on the credit card and there was an excessive amount of 703 Rs which is supposed to be refunded by the bank and till date the amount is not refunde…

16th September, 2020 (5 days, 16 hours ago)
Family Law
Court Marriage in Odisha - Law, Procedure, age, Documents required

What is the procedure for Court Marriage in Odisha. What is the age limit of the bride and groom for Court Marriage in Odisha. What is the process of Court Marriage in Odisha. What documents are required for Court Marri…

12th September, 2020 (1 week, 2 days ago)
Business Tax / Taxation
Can crowd funding from anonymous person is income taxable in india?

Donation recived from crowd funding to our NGO. Sone one tell me that income from anonymous person in crowd funding would be taxable income.

12th September, 2020 (1 week, 2 days ago)
Criminal Law
Why women is not punishable at extra-marital affairs?

Is gender neutral can't apply for these types of cases,whatever a man can think and as well as women can think like that. Adultery.— Whoever has sexual intercourse with a person who is and whom he knows or has reaso…

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